Facts and information about hiring a personal injury lawyer


A personal injury attorney is a lawyer whose main job is to provide legal representation of people who claim to have been injured in an accident. The injury comes as a result of wrongdoing or negligence of someone else. With a personal injury lawyer, an individual can receive compensation from their losses, suffering, pain and emotional distortion.


Types of cases which are handled by a personal injury lawyer

The following are some of the common cases which the lawyer can deal with:

  • Aviation accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Animal bites
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Injuries of the spinal cords
  • Fall and slip accidents

Important tips to know before hiring a personal injury lawyer

If a person has been seriously injured, an experienced personal injury attorney is required. The lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement. Alternatively, he or she will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Before one begins hiring a personal injury lawyer, there are some facts which can greatly assist you in making a wise decision. The following are essential information required before starting the process: dwi attorney dallas

  1. Filing a lawsuit might not be necessary

Before going to trial, most injury lawsuits are settled. Therefore, it is actually possible to resolve before filing a lawsuit. By hiring the best legal team for your issue, you will be assisted to collect the relevant information for submitting a stronger claim which will meet your needs without the expense of a lawsuit.

  1. Initial consultations are normally free

Most of the people will not contact a lawyer since they believe that it is costly. However, a good lawyer is willing to talk about the basic facts of the case and give information on whether you have a case or not. The services which are provided are free.

  1. The personal injury cases will take time

It is difficult to estimate the time it may take to settle or conclude personal injury cases. Hence, it is significant to work with a lawyer who will give a realistic picture of the time your case will take by not promising you swift cash.

  1. Experience is necessary

Most of the lawyers limit their practice to one or two types of law. When hiring a lawyer to represent you in the case of personal injury, ensure that the lawyer is experienced.

  1. Be acquainted with the cost

A personal injury lawyer has to be paid for his time. Nearly all the lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means that the attorney receives no fee until the time when you get paid. This type of fee enables you to hire a lawyer without necessarily having to pay him or her upfront. Thus, understand the fee before hiring the professional.

  1. Expenses are not inclusive

The fee is often stated as the percentage of the settlement. In fact, the amount only pays for the time the lawyer takes in dealing with your case. When the attorney has to pay somebody else for work on your case, it is referred to as:” expenses”. Consequently, the lawyer will bill you for the expenses when the case elapsed.


  1. Guarantees are not available

A lawyer who guarantees you should be avoided. Instead, he should give you an honest opinion concerning your case. Moreover, you should have all the relevant information should be on hand before you to decide the course of action which you would like to pursue.

  1. Be aware of ambulance chasers

A suitable law firm is the one which will let you know about them. If you receive a phone call immediately after an accident, you might be dealing with lawyers who are aspiring to get good business. They are mainly focused on their profits rather than the merits of your case.

  1. The personal perception doesn’t matter

Before hiring an attorney, your priority should be the expertise. However, the number of cases won cannot determine the best law firm. In addition to that, it doesn’t matter how comfortable you will feel with the legal team.

  1. The insurance companies should be paid back

The most common misunderstanding clients have regarding the personal injury is insurance. A person who has health insurance should pay them back for the bills which the firm has gathered for. An outstanding lawyer will work with your insurance firms in order to ensure that you receive the most possible settlement.


Benefits of hiring personal injury lawyer

  • Knowledge of insurance law

Ordinary persons are not familiar with the laws of insurance which can bring impact to your case. Hence, you need an attorney who is involved in insurance coverage issues.

  • The professional has the ability to negotiate

The lawyer can file suit which causes adverse actions. On the other hand, the lay person is not capable of putting pressure on the insurance.

  • The Best settlements

Apart from trial, Most of the personal injury cases are resolved by what is referred to as negotiated settlement. This means that the lawyer will try to resolve the case as soon as possible by negotiating a settlement.

  • It minimizes time wastage

A personal injury lawyer will order for medical records, meet with your doctors, investigative reports as well as communicating with insurance adjuster. As a result, it saves time.

When one is supposed to hire a personal injury lawyer

There is no a specific guideline or deadline as when you are supposed to hire an attorney after encountering an accident. But, it is very essential to engage on the services of a person immediately. During any part of the process, you have to consult.



One of the major challenges when an accident has occurred is the loss of property. The vehicle which you might be using may be heavily damaged. This might be considered a total loss. Fortunately, the above are some of the most important facts and information about personally injury lawyer. If an individual is a victim of any accident, he should consult the lawyer. The attorney will be able to handle your claim as well as any other issues. Therefore, it is important to contact the lawyer and all your problems will be solved.